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Tuttnauer 5075 HSG D-Line autoclave

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With a 18 kW in-built steam generator and a 160 L chamber, the 5075HSG can be used as a pre as well as post vacuum sterilizer. It is suitable for hospital use and is generally used in OPD's, plastic surgeries, operating rooms as well as other different healthcare facilities. Apart from its safety, it is also a very reliable source of sterlization, which is backed by years of experience in the same field.

Similar to the HSG 3870, the 5075 model also has the same safety features like a double locking system, which prevents the door from opening while the generator is highly pressurized, and a control lockout switch that doesn't start the machine if it finds some defect in the locking mechanism. Apart from these features, it consists of a safety shutoff that automatically stops the chamber from overheating.