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Medical Trading Phoenix Blu 12L Autoclave

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Application domain:
medical, dental, for the pharmaceutical industry, for veterinary clinics
Sterilization procedure:
saturated steam
bench-top, horizontal
Other characteristics:
automatic, with steam generator, microprocessor-controlled, with vacuum cycle, programmable, fractionated vacuum, high-capacity, with dryer

The new version 12 liter of the autoclave Phoenix Blu, has the same features and components of the 18-22 liters version, but with a smaller sterilization chamber. This allowed us to reduce the external dimensions of the autoclave, so that it can be placed in small studies, or cabinets, and it is perfect especially for the beauty market.
It is equipped with the same vacuum pump and steam generator from 18-22 liter version, allowing to accelerate the fractional vacuum and so to be able to complete a class B sterilization cycle in only 15 minutes*.
The LCd display with multilingual and graphical representation of the real-time sterilization cycle, is always present with a small change on the button layout.
The Phoenix Blue autoclave is characterized by an advanced fractionated vacuum system, for the complete removal of air also from cables and porous materials, and to ensure complete asepsis of any type of strumento. The vacuum function also works with heat to ensure during the final drying step the elimination of any trace of moisture.
The unique steam generation system, the effective hydraulic and electronic control circuit (integrated with high precision sensors) provide high speed of process execution and excellent stability of the thermodynamic parameters.
The 3 test cycles with automatic parameter control (Parameters Control System) monitor constantly and in real time all the “vital” parameters of the machine, guaranteeing absolute safety and perfect results.
The autoclave Phoenix Blu is a class B autoclave complies with Directive UNI EN 93/42 and UNI EN ISO 13060.