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Medical Trading Hydra 100 Autoclave

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Application domain:
medical, dental
bench-top, top-loading, portable
Other characteristics:
Temperature range:
Max.: 125 °C (257 °F)
9 l (2.38 gal)

The autoclave HYDRA 100 is equipped by a heating element placed under the sterilization chamber which allows the heating to 125 ° C of the distilled water. The pressure that is created inside the sterilization chamber, in combination with the temperature, allow the complete asepsis on the instruments.
The sterilizer is equipped with several sensors that monitor the reaching of the temperature, which is preset and can not be changed to prevent tampering.
The machine is equipped with several safety systems, in particular with a thermostat that, in the event of an excessive temperature, stops the sterilization cycle. It is also equipped with a safety valve withTUV certification (PED IV), the same installed on the class B autoclaves.
The average lifespan of an autoclave Hydra 100 is around 8 years although some of our clients still require spare parts for autoclaves more than 15 years old. (data result from a market research.)
The main quality is reliability!
With little maintenance and the replacement of a few parts subject to wear this autoclave can continue to sterilize for more than 15 years.
Available in version 9 liters and is compliant with Directive 93/42/EEC on small steam sterilizers.
With its reliability, speed, and less space is a good alternative to class B autoclaves for the sterilization of unwrapped solid instruments.