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Application domain:
medical, dental
Sterilization procedure:
dry heat
bench-top, front-loading, compact, portable
Temperature range:
Min.: 0 °C (32 °F)
Max.: 200 °C (392 °F)
7 l (1.85 gal), 22 l (5.81 gal), 30 l (7.93 gal)

The devices are hot air sterilizers that are commonly called “DRY HEATERS” and can be of two
types, depending on the mechanism of air circulation inside the devices.
1) Natural air circulation
2) Forced air circulation
The sterilizer of Hot Dry series are available in sizes 1.5 - 7 - 22 - 30 l. with or without forced air
The sterilizers of HOT DRY series use the principle of heat transfer. An armored electrical resistance allows the air, within the sterilization chamber, to reach a uniform temperature (that can range from 160 to 180°C), and comes into contact with tools allows a complete and effective sterilization.
The main feature of the HOT DRY is the reliability. The external walls are made entirely of steel, painted with epoxy powder, resistant to high temperatures and resistant over time. While the inner walls of the sterilization chamber are made of stainless steel 18/8 polished. A slab of glass fiber insulating ensures the insulation of the heat, keeping the temperature constant inside, and the external walls to ambient temperature, ensuring safety for the operator.
To achieve a better and uniform temperature in all the sterilization chamber the sterilizers of 22 or 30 liters are equipped with forced air circulation by fans. The fans In fact allow the air, contained in the sterilization chamber to reach the desired temperature in a uniform way, thus ensuring a complete asepsis of all the instruments.
The line HOT DRY is suitable to sterilize all instruments resistant to high temperatures.